No matter where you are on your professional or business journey, we’re here to help you be successful.

With strategic brand development and content marketing.

Do you feel successful?

Whether you’re just starting a business or you’ve had your best year yet, you have a lot to be proud of.

You’ve worked so hard, taken the leaps of faith, and forged a new path. Showing up to the entrepreneurship journey every day takes a lot of grit. 

There is no doubt about it – you. are. successful. But do you ever let yourself feel successful?

Interior Designer in Niagara taken by St. Catharines Photographer

Is An Under-Performing Brand Stopping You From Enjoying Your Business Journey?

Despite everything they have to celebrate, so many business owners feel like it is never enough because they can’t find the time to build their brand. Have you ever experienced this?

● You feel insecure posting on social media because you don’t have professional photos to match your aesthetic

● Whenever you have spare time, you can’t relax because you feel like you should be working on your own brand

● You don’t feel confident about your future growth because you don’t really have a strategy or a plan

● Every time you want to celebrate a business-win, you feel like it isn’t enough – there’s still too much to do

● You’re a little embarrassed to show people your website

● You tried to DIY your brand when it launched and now it’s gone by the wayside and needs a refresher

No matter what your revenue, your growth or your client list looks like, if you aren’t proud of your brand when you share it with the world then you are depriving yourself of the best parts of the entrepreneurship journey.

Memorable Customer Interactions

A Strong Sense of Purpose and a Mission

Excitement and Clarity When Talking About Your Work

What an amazing experience! They know exactly how to capture a modern yet professional vibe for your personal brand/headshots. I absolutely love my photos and I’ve been getting nonstop compliments on them”. 
– Stepahanie RN, BScN, MEd

We Actually Care

About Your Short-Term Goals, And Your Long-Term Vision

You want a marketing partner that actually cares about your business. Not just a single project – but the long-term vision you have for your business. At Unger Studios, our team of experts are here to support you for the long haul. We undertake all projects with a firm grasp on your brand strategy and how you want to make a difference in your customers’ lives. You don’t need quick fixes or Band-Aid solutions, you need a robust plan that you can carry out with ease and clarity across all your marketing platforms. 

And to do this, we’ve assembled a team of specialists who can put their expert eyes on all your brand work:

Tannis – Client Relations & Photographer

Branding Photographer Niagara

Beth – Photographer

Photo & Video Niagara

Kevin – Co-Founder Photographer & Brand Strategy

Victoria – Co-Founder & Photographer

How We Help You Be Successful (and feel good about it too)

You get to define what success looks like and how to measure it. 

But you also get to enjoy what success feels like. 
We can help with that.


You don’t have to carry the weight of the world on your shoulders anymore. Brand development can feel overwhelming for many entrepreneurs. But when you have an expert partner to walk with you through brand design to content creation, that overwhelm can turn into peace of mind.

Creative and Fun

Creating your brand persona should be fun, not stressful! It’s one of the most creative parts of your journey, and whether or not you consider yourself a “creative” person, we want to make this enjoyable and exciting for you. You’re taking an important step and that’s a big deal!


We know that every brand is different in voice, appearance and personality. That’s why we have experts across visual design, content creation and brand strategy to make sure your business gets the specialized treatment it deserves.


We know what an important investment brand development is into your business. You deserve to be kept in the loop and that’s exactly what we’ll do! You’ll always know the status of your project and when to expect updates from our team.

“I approached Unger Studios about redesigning my website. Not only did they do a fantastic job on that, but they consulted and helped me throughout the entire process, asked great questions, suggested things I wouldn’t have thought of”. 

– Colin, Wedding Videographer