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Your photos and video are an essential part of your visual branding.

But if you’re using stock photography, iPhone photos or outdated material, is your visual brand sending the wrong message? Don’t settle for unoriginal images that lack personality – get professional branding images that enhance your brand story.

You deserve video and photos for your online platforms that:



"He's eager to hear your hopes for the shoot and incorporates your ideas to add a creative/tasteful flare to the photos. Kevin turned what I was expecting to be a normal photoshoot into an awesome way to spend my Saturday morning." - Luke


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Your photos introduce you before you say a word to your clients

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What do you want your photos to say about you?

● I am trustworthy

● I am a trailblazer

● I am confident in my work

● I am an expert in my field

● I am approachable and easy to work with

● I am organized and take initiative

● I am creative and find inspiration all around me

● I know how to be professional and have a sense of humour


You should feel proud to be the face of your brand. Let’s create images that reflect the passion and experience you bring to your work every day.



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Pretty & Co Team Photo
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Say no to over-posed stock images, and yes to:

Authentic Photography

Professional Videos

Natural, Polished Poses

That creates the persona you want for your brand

That clearly tell your brand story in a compelling way for online audiences

When you feel comfortable and confident your customers will trust your expertise


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Our customers say

"What an amazing experience! Kevin is a phenomenal photographer and knows exactly how to capture a modern yet professional vibe for your personal brand/headshots. I absolutely love my photos and I've been getting nonstop compliments on them".

- Stepahanie RN, BScN, MEd

Hi, I'm Kevin!

My job is to help you look and feel confident in your headshots, branding photos and videos. Having a strong first impression when someone sees you online is more important now than ever. Your online audience wants to interact with a real person– someone who gets them, someone who immediately makes them feel comfortable. This is why having great photos is so important. It communicates to your customers that they can trust you before they’ve read your Instagram caption or visited your website.


● People will naturally have more trust in you which can lead to more bookings

● You will humanize your brand and have more meaningful interactions with new clients

● Your confidence will shine through and energize your growing online presence

When your business is online, you only get one shot to make a good first impression. And it just takes one good impression to launch your career to the next level. Make sure your photos and videos are working for you, not against you.



You can tell within seconds of meeting him how passionate he is about photography. We were looking for headshots and business photos and wanted someone who could help represent our brand. Kevin did just that! The pictures he took were exactly what we were looking for and his quality of work is amazing.

- Renee & Aram Ghewondian

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