What is your content saying about your brand?

When your content says good things about your brand, so do your customers.

Services We Provide

Brand Photography

Elevate your brand image with sharp, polished photography.

Professional Video

Bring your brand voice to life with compelling video content.

Graphic Design

Create a unique brand persona with the perfect visual elements.

Brand Strategy

Grow the know, like and trust (KLT) factor for your brand with consistent content.

Branding Photos for Writers

Let’s Nurture the Relationship Between Your Brand and Your Customers With Great Content

Your brand is a feeling someone has when they interact with your business. It’s the intangible things: your brand story, your brand identity, your brand persona.

Your content is the series of experiences you create to provide a brand feeling for your customers. And we’re here to help you nurture that relationship between your brand and your customers, with excellent content.

What is Content Marketing?

You know that feeling when you go to a business page for the first time and you are immediately bombarded with sales pitches, promotions and pressure to buy? No one likes being sold-to. But as a business, you need to make sales.

Content marketing is the solution to this tension. It’s a strategic way of marketing your business that focuses on nurturing your customers with valuable content. Content could be anything from helpful articles, to entertaining videos, to beautiful graphics for social media. 

We want to help your business thrive with the content that will attract and connect with potential customers.

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Niagara Realtor Branding Photos

Why is Content Marketing Important?

Whatever form it takes, a good content marketing strategy should accomplish several important goals:

Marketing your business with valuable content is the best way of building a strong brand presence.

  • Bring your brand persona to life
  • Create a compelling brand experience 
  • Demonstrate empathy and understanding of your customers
  • Provide valuable information to your customers
  • Build your brand’s credibility and trust-factor

Our Services

Marketing your business with valuable content is the best way of building a strong brand presence.

Realtor Branding Photo
Brand Photography

If you have an online presence, you need professional photos.

But if you’re using stock photography, iPhone photos or outdated material, is your visual brand sending the wrong message? Don’t settle for unoriginal images that lack personality – get professional branding images that enhance your brand story. If having your picture taken seems like an uncomfortable experience, no need to worry! Our trained photographers know exactly how to make you feel natural in front of the camera. We’ll help you with posing, wardrobe and confidence so that you look and feel amazing in your photos.

You need photos that:

● Present a consistent tone and colour palette 

● Create a strong visual brand persona that make you feel confident

● Reflects the quality and professionalism of your work

“I’ve now sent 4 people (including myself) to Unger Studios, and while we all have different personalities, he was able to make everyone comfortable and confident with their picture being taken”. – Sharron, Intuitive Shipping

Professional Video – Promotional & Social Media

Video is a fantastic way to make your brand voice cut through the noise.

It’s important to tell your brand story, but the truth is people don’t always take the time to read our thoughtful captions, website copy or sales emails. Turn your words into video content that interrupts their mindless scrolling, and captivates your audience in a compelling story. Adding a video to your website and social media can change the way people interact with your business.

Why add video to your marketing strategy?
● So you can tell your story in your own voice

● Strengthen your brand’s credibility

● Increase your chances of being found on Google and boost conversion rates

● Diversify your content marketing strategy

Marcy Mussari Interiors

“The video allows clients to get a better idea of who we are and the services we offer – it is very personable”. – Dana, Protomanni Law

Graphic Design

Complementing your brand story with a compelling visual experience.

When we’re helping you craft your brand identity, graphic design will play an important role. We’ll be there to guide you through the process of choosing a colour scheme, logo and font style so you have a consistent style guide to follow. But graphic design is more than just your aesthetic, it’s another way of communicating with your audience. It should complement the tone and personality of your brand as well.

Why is professional graphic design an essential part of your brand development and content marketing?

● Credibility: It helps you keep a consistent, professional appearance so your brand becomes more recognizable

 ● Unique Identity: Graphic design will help your brand stand out amongst your competition, highlighting the features that give your brand an edge. 

● First Impressions: Short attention spans are a reality. So making a memorable first impression is important. A strong visual brand will help you make the most of those first few seconds someone spends on your website, social media or reading a welcome package. Leave potential customers with a positive association.

Brand Strategy

Your brand strategy is the lens through which we look at your brand.

We make sure that every piece of content we create for you is helping to serve the strategic growth of your brand awareness and positive brand sentiment. We’re not the kind of company that suggests one-off projects just to check “video” or “logo” off of your list. We look at your brand, your business and your marketing as a whole to create a customized plan that actually serves your goals. The content we recommend as a wholly integrated plan will make up your brand strategy.

Your brand strategy is a guiding force in your business because:

● It helps you remember that marketing is about more than selling – it’s about creating a compelling human experience for your customers

● It helps you stay on track with the purpose you have for your brand

● Having a brand strategy helps you stay aligned with a consistent brand persona so your audience can learn to know, like and trust your brand identity

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