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What Video Gear Do You ACTUALLY Need To Make Great Videos

April 27, 2021

3 Key Video Set Ups

 It can feel like creating amazing videos is out of reach for the average business person because it requires having a lot of cameras, lenses and audio gear. What if I told you that you don’t actually need a lot of what people tell you that you need? With that said, here’s my guide to 3 different set ups at 3 different price points that work great for video. 



The Best & Cheapest Video Set Up You Can Buy 


Let’s start with by far the most budget friendly option. Since about 47% of north america is using an iphone I think it’s safe to say that you’ve go an incredible camera in your pocket right now. The quality on these phones keep getting better. If you put your iphone on a tripod or even a stack of books and film in a well lit room it’s going to look incredible! The best part about using your phone for video is how portable it is. You already take it everywhere so there’s no need to get extra bags or storage for it. The newer iphones even have multiple cameras and great image stabilization which means it’s not shaky while you move around. 


If you want to get super creative there’s apps like 8mm that make your video look like it was shot in the old school 8mm cameras. It’s definitely got a vibe and the band Vulfpeck even used an iphone 5 with this app to film their entire concert at Madison Square Garden. It’s pretty incredible to watch. The limit of your phone for video is honestly your creativity. 


The Next Jump: Canon EOS RP


If you’re looking to upgrade your video gear from an iphone I think the next logical jump is the Canon EOS RP. It’s an amazing entry level camera that takes great video. A lot of people online will tell you that this is not a video camera but as we’ve seen from the Iphone’s capabilities, the only limit to producing great video is your creativity. Peter McKinnon made a great video showing how amazing the Canon EOS RP is with a comparison video against the more expensive Canon EOS R. Can you spot the differences, because I know I got at least half of them wrong. If you make the jump to the EOS RP you’re going to need a lens. I would highly recommend picking up the Canon 50mm f1.8 RF. It’s a great lens with a great price. Having a lens like this allows you to get that blurry background that you see in movies or high end commercials. If you’re starting to invest in good video gear you may want to start thinking about audio. My two recommendations are the Rode Video Mic for on camera or if you want an off camera option you can go with the Rode Wireless Go Mic.  


Let’s get into the big leagues: The Canon EOS R6


Now if you want to step up your video set up big time this is going to be a great kit. For many of you this is probably going to be overkill but it certainly does yield great results. I use the Canon EOS R6. It’s an all around amazing photo & video camera, but let’s stick to the video features. It shoots 4k which means it’s super high quality and has the capability to shoot video in CLOG. That means it’s able to shoot with very minimal contrast so when you want to colour correct and colour grade your video later on to give it the look you want, you have more room to play. I know that got super technical for a second so if you’re looking for another explanation Sam Holland did a great video explaining what C LOG is and if you need it. For lenses I use the Canon 16-35mm f2.8. It’s a super versatile wide lens that I love for video. If you’re investing this kind of money into your video camera you’re definitely going to want to spend some money on good audio. Even though this is an investment, this still doesn’t have to break the bank. I’m currently using the Rode Video Mic Pro on a boom pole that goes right over my head while speaking. I’m recording that audio into an external audio recorder called the Zoom H4N Pro. This allows me to make sure I have full control of the audio. Here’s a pro tip for you: look online for all of this gear used. You will save a ton of money this way. 




I think we can all agree that it doesn’t matter what gear you use. What matters is you. You can use the iphone you have in your pocket or you can spend thousands of dollars to get a professional set up but people want to see you. No one is better at being you than you. Everyone’s got their own flare on how they do things and if you’re authentic that will show through no matter what camera you end up using. This may still feel like it’s too much too much for you and you’d rather focus on what you’re great. If that is you, consider hiring a company like mine to help create high quality videos that will build your brand and help increase your sales. 


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